Name:2019 Motorcycle CDI Parts Ignitor Series BAJAJ 175 Tricycle Ignitor
Brand Name:OEM
Place of Origin:Chongqing, China
Product Name:Motorcycle CDI
Color:As picture

Product Description

Product Description

Kingstorm Motorcycle CDI Parts Ignitor Series BAJAJ 175 Tricycle Ignitor


Quality assurance:

1. Kingstorm is equiped with world advanced computer driving production lines

2. Whole set of pure water processor line featured with RO anti-saturation and advanced testing devices

3. Manufactured in Class 100,000 Cleanroom

CDI Parameters

1 The ignition characteristics:
DC power supply, capacitor discharge ignition;CDI UNIT;
Ignition energy into the corner, low-speed, high-speed ignition performance;Operating temperature range: -30°C to+65°C;
Using SMT Surface Mount Technology, anti-jamming capability, environmental adaptability, high reliability;

2 Product performance:
Minimum continuous ignition speed: ≤200r/min (three-pin 6mm intermittent trigger gap was 0.7mm);
Continuous ignition speed range: ≤200r/min ~ 11000r/min (three-pin intermittent 6mm, trigger gap was 0.7mm);
Into the corner speed: 2000±200r/min (15±1.5°);
End angle, speed: 3800±200r/min (36±1.5°);
Ignition advance angle: 21°±1.5°;
Turn off the SW end of the ground, ignition should turn off;

3 Appearance requirements:
Patch device and igniter shell at the bottom of the vertical tilt;
Package surface should be smooth, free of cracks and other foreign matter;
Encapsulation material and the shell is bonding well, without gaps, and should fully cover the components;
Package surface height should not exceed the shell height, and the surface is smooth and no bubbles;
4 Igniter insulation resistance
shall be not less than 1 MΩ (measured with 500V megger);
5 Standard
In line with the motorcycle JB/T8123.1 ~ 8123.2-1999 standards.

Quality Control:

1. Communicate with customers to confirm the product status and technical parameters.

2. Strict raw material management. 

3. Every semi-product is tested on the production line. 

4. Finished products test before packing.

5. Accept third party inspection. 

6. Any problem when you get the goods, feel free to contact us. We offer a wide range of CDI Units. Designed in compliance with industrial quality standards, the assembly is durable, corrosion resistant, high in strength and smooth in function. We ensure long lasting serviceability and efficiency with the use of latest technology.

Packing & Delivery

Kingstorm Motorcycle CDI Parts Ignitor Series BAJAJ 175 Tricycle Ignitor

Other Products

Q1. What is your Payment terms?
A: T/T or L/C.

Q2. How about your shipping time?
A: 15-20 days.

Q3. How about quality gurantte?
A: 10000KM.

Our Company

Chongqing kingstorm mechanical &electrical co.,ltd is manufacturing gaslion tricycle for 10 years in Chongqing ,China. we have more than200 models of Passengers and cargos ,the power of engine rang from 110cc ,150cc,175cc,200cc,250cc,300cc air cooling and water cooling .

And in 2013 we have started the developing of electric tricycle ,especially the e rickshaw 

We have passed ISO9000 certification 

Also we are selling the series parts such as rear axle ,reverse ,tyre ,engine parts for tricycle . we have exported to SOUTH AFRICA,PERU, COLOMBIA,BRAIL,INDIA etc .

KingStorm ,the King of tricycle !

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